I've been obsessed with the language of film and storytelling since I was nine; first understanding what I was going to do after watching Hitchcock's classic, "Psycho" with my grandparents. As soon as I was old enough, I jumped right into film and television, and never looked back.

I've been working in the industry since 2005, and have worked on countless feature films, television shows, commercials, web-series, and created content - constantly looking for the next adventure. I'm still learning something new every day, and it's that love and passion for what I do that keeps me going.

Living in Los Angeles since 2013, I spend my free time writing/conceptualizing, hiking, playing video games (LoZ is king), and coming up with lame jokes for Facebook and Twitter. On Sundays, we karaoke.

I'm always open to collaboration, and if you're looking for a Producer, Director, or Screenwriter/Conceptualist, feel free to reach out to me.